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At Tim Presko Insurance, we understand that the Property & Casualty insurance market for the multifamily industry is a very challenging segment due to the unpredictable nature of its occupancy – it is also one of the largest annual expenses for multifamily operators and owners. The structure of your insurance program and experience of your insurance broker can dramatically influence your total cost of risk over time.

Tim Presko Insurance is an independent insurance agency with extensive experience structuring and negotiating insurance placements for multifamily risks. We maintain relationships with all the important insurance carriers in what is a very limited marketplace. We respect the fact that it is extremely important to differentiate yourself from the traditional stigma of “multifamily” and be viewed as a quality real estate risk.

As a multifamily unit owner you need coverage that matches your budget and risk. Our team will help you understand what policies are protecting your unit and where there might be gaps in your coverage for contents and liabilities associated with being a multifamily unit property owner. By taking the time to understand your property and neighborhood, Tim Presko Insurance will make sure you are getting the best value for your insurance dollar and provide you with the policy that best suits your needs.


As with the multifamily industry, the market for condo and townhome insurance can be very challenging as well, due to the unpredictability of its occupants. This insurance can also be on of the owner/operator’s largest expenses. Our Agency can help you structure your insurance program to assure that you are getting the best “bang” for your buck. A well-written policy will consider the age of your property, other structures on that property, personal possession values, and your budget. The policy should be structured around each of these things and provide you with the protection that will lend you piece of mind.

At Tim Presko Insurance, our team is here to assist you with all your insurance needs when it comes to this complicated and every-changing industry.

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